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How Slack Improves Virtual Workplace Communication

A prominent executive with more than 20 years of experience, Jason LeVecke serves as managing director at BIIC Solutions in California and Arizona. As the chief executive overseeing large organizations, Jason LeVecke understands the importance of effective communication in managing multiple business locations and supervising thousands of employees.

In today’s digital world where the concept of a workplace has gone far beyond the four walls of an office, the demand for a practical communication and task management tool like Slack is stronger than ever. Initially developed as an internal communication tool, Slack is now used by startup companies and businesses around the world.
Slack provides an inclusive communication hub through its direct messaging, channel and thread creation, and audio and video conferencing features. Team members can share files within their network and tag specific documents for review and editing. Slack also features third-party app integration including customer support applications such as Zendesk, and developer tools such as GitHub and Bitbucket Cloud.