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With US Employment High, Some Franchise Owners Keep Careers

Jason LeVecke

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Jason LeVecke heads the consulting firm BIIC Solutions and provides a host of strategic consulting services focused on improving and expanding entrepreneurial operations. Reflecting personal industry experience, one of Jason LeVecke’s core areas of focus is on identifying trends that enable robust franchise growth.

With the US witnessing sustained levels of economic and jobs expansion, for some it may be a compelling time for some to invest in a franchise. With more than a dozen states reporting their lowest levels of unemployment ever in 2017, retail sales during the holiday season rose by nearly five percent over the year previous and the positive jobs and retail news continued through the first half of 2018.
One of the aspects of the franchise model that benefits from a near full employment scenario is that franchises can be started while holding onto one’s regular job. This is not a possibility with every company, as the franchise owners role is anything but absentee, but those that undertake careful vetting of potential owners and managers are able to offer this arrangement.
One noteworthy example of this is Great Clips, which emphasizes the hands-on involvement of owners, while not requiring that they be present on a daily basis. These types of franchise arrangements are ideal for self starters who are used to multitasking and have experience in effectively building, leading and delegating a management team.